...and get your six-pack quick and easy WITHOUT of a diet...

Wednesday, 2:05pm
By: Oliver Wolter


Dear Fitness-Friend,

imagine the following: You are performing your first workout - you’re coming home full of energy - you’re looking into the mirror and your body suddenly looks a lot more athletic and shaped.

While you are still wondering if you’re dreaming your girlfriend is asking you amazed: "Have you lost weight since this morning?!"


No - This can become reality for you as soon as next weekend!

And it gets even better:

Two workouts per week are definitely enough to lose
body fat in no time!

If you’re now thinking "Oh great - I’m too lazy to exercise a lot anyways!" - be warned:

The 1500 fat calories training is highly addictive!

I am not joking - this modern training is adapted to emit as much endorphin as possible in as little time as possible.

Endorphin - the so called "happy" hormones - the same hormones that you have emitted when you were in love for the last time. The consequence is an euphoric feeling that will persist even a long time after exercising.

The power of will is a final resource just like every other energy inside you. If you have to fight against too much inner resistance then you will sooner or later stop your exercises.

But with the 1500 fat calories training you will rather use your force of will to stay home rather than to exercise.

But how is that possible?!

This is the secret:

You will trigger endorphin rushes repeatedly
 that are known as "runners high"
without having to run long distances...

Using a couple of tricks you will trigger the same endorphin emission that is known from advanced runners which motivates them to run extreme long distances.

This endorphin emission is like a natural drug that makes you addicted.

Have you ever wondered how some runners can run such long distances and keep motivating themselves to run it over and over?!

Now you know the answer!

You don’t have to run for months or years with the 1500 fat calories training to feel the rush - you might even experience it with your very first workout.

The training is simple but tricky at the same time. It will specifically trigger your emission of growth hormones so that you will keep burning fat for 32 to 36 hours after your workout.

In the end, this leads to about...

1500 burnt fat calories in 60 minutes!

This is exactly as much as if you went jogging for 30 minutes every day. Even if you would burn more calories a week if you run every day, with the 1500 fat calories training you will burn the same amout of fat calories in a single exercise.

While you burn only about 30-50% fat calories while jogging the rest is burnt in the form of glycogen (carbs). When exercising with the 1500 fat calories training you will burn almost 95% fat calories.


suddenly everything works by itself...

The real "shocker" for everyone who tried the 1500 fat calories training so far was that they suddenly hat significantly less hunger.

Endorphin is not only known as "lucky" hormone but it is also THE natural appetite suppressant.And it is an appetite suppressant that not only suppresses your appetite but also causes you to eat smaller amounts without having to think about it.

If you are currently doing a diet to reduce your weight you should be warned that you will resort to your "normal" nutrition after a while because you will feel that you lose too much fat.

Especially people who are used to failing weight loss attempts and who have to fight for every single gram of lost weight will be very surprised about the speed and continuity of the weight loss and sometimes it will even overtax them.


You will stumble to the body of your dreams and nothing will be able to stop you...

Do you know the feeling from your childhood when you’re running down a hill and you realize that you can’t stop anymore but that you have to keep running until you have reached the end?!

As soon as you have started the 1500 fat calories training you will know what I am talking about:

- You will be euphoric when you get home after your exercise

- You will be full of energy after your exercise

- You look more cool and attractive right after your workout

- You will have less appetite

In a nutshell:


The old rules don’t apply to you anymore!

You love your 1500 fat calories training because it does not reduce your energy but it fills you up.

You love your 1500 fat calories training because afterwards you will look into the mirror and you will look more vivid and attractive.

You love your 1500 fat calories training because you have never felt this good.

You love your 1500 fat calories training because afterwards your worries and fears are like blown away and you always see new solutions.

A previously tedious duty has become your new hobby. A hobby that makes you fit and slim.

But before I am going to tell you more I have to outline once more how you are going to trigger a maximum endorphin emission:

Endorphin rush component 1:
The 1500 FAT CALORIES training

As you know by now this will probably be the most groundbreaking workout that you have ever done and that you will ever do. With onlya single workout per week you will burn as much fat calories as people who run for an half hour every day.

As you probably know by now, the training uses the natural preference of your body to burn fat. In the contrast to every other training systems you will burn over 95% fat instead of just 30-50% as with "regular" training programs.

The crazy thing about it is that you don’t just "lose a little fat" but that you will eliminate all the fat reserves in your body systematically with this type of training.

For instance, I have seen a lot that for some men the doulbe-chin disappeared only after the first workout. After the second workout the stomach fat was reduced notably. And the fat near the hips disappeared suddenly after the third workout.

It is not a slow process - its a prompt fat burn that will be visible after every workout.


It is extremely easy and that is what irritates a lot of people. One hour of the 1500 fat calories training is a lot easier than one hour of running. One hour of the 1500 fat calories training is about as "demanding" as cycling for one hour at moderate speed.

You will refill your energy in the meanwhile and feel like a newborn afterwards.

That is why this training is very good for people who are not in shape or absolutely unathletic. It is now THE standard program that I use for every overweight person so that they won’t be overexerted.

Endorphin rush component 2:
The endorphin rush nutrition

As you might already know endorphins are THE natural appetite suppressant. And that is why you should orientate yourself at the endorphin rush nutrition about one week after you have begun the 1500 fat calories training.

That means that you have to consume more of the foods that are "forbidden" in other diet schedules to emit more endorphins and to burn fat even more efficiently.

You will have to eat "badly" and you will be allowed to eat known "fattening foods" such as hamburgers, fried sausage, pizza, noodles, fries, pastry, chocolate and candy so that your fat burning will remain on its level since your appetite will reduce more and more.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to eat those "fattening foods" permanently. You can eat what you like to since a "perfect" nutrition would reduce your hormone production which would reduce the effect of the endorphin rush program.

Maybe you realize now why some people are overexerted with the speed of the fat loss.

Because it is almost impossible to do something wrong.

While a "mistake" leads to a stop of the fat loss with usual diets, you will emit even more fat-burning hormones with the 1500 fat calories training which only increases the fat loss.

The result is that those people who used to subsonsciously trip over their own feet when trying to lose weight will now increase their fat loss with every "mistake".

So if you are one of those people who really don’t want to lose weight then you should keep your hands off of this program. It can’t be manipulated as easily as regular diets and you really have to do absurd things to stop the fat loss.

But if you are one of those people who always had to fight a little with overweight then this could be the coup that frees your life and that will make you slim forever without of any diet or hunger.

In a nutshell, the 1500 fat calories training...


makes it possible for you to get the body of your dreams
- for the first time and without turning your life upside down!

Look: Power of will is a wonderful thing and if you have a lot of power of will then you have a lot of positive advantages.

But it has always been necessary to control a huge number of factors to lose weight permanently. Your exercise, all meals, every food and therefore your entire life.

Therefore it is not a question of IF you stop such a program after a while but it is only a question of WHEN you will stop it.

But this is not your fault!

We humans are individuals and we automatically lead the lifestyle that is most comfortable for us and that motivates us most and that is the most fun.

We can’t just apply strict diet schedules without striking sooner or later.

Brain researchers have found out that the power of will is a limited resource that will be depleted after a while and that will have to be refilled.

This is the scientific proof for what you have experienced yourself. You can be disciplined with your exercise and nutrition with your power of will until another stress factor turns up in your life and every other success will fade away.

But what is power of will?

Do you need power of will to do something that is fun to you?

Things that you WANT from the INSIDE...

Or do you need power of will to do things that you actually don’t want to do?

Things from OUTSIDE that you SHOULD do...


The NULL power of will chain-reaction!

The 1500 fat calories training will trigger a NULL power of will chain-reaction within yourself that you can hardly stop.

When the "runners high" kicks in for the first time after a few minutes and you emit massive amounts of endorphin you can’t be stopped. The time will pass as the wind and if you don’t look at the time you will exercise much longer than the planned 60 minutes.

You come home full of energy and in a good mood and you will look into the mirror and you will think that you haven’t looked this good in a long while. You will shine from lust for life.

You will satisfy your thirst and grab some food because of a habit, but you will realize that you don’t have any appetite. You will still eat something because you have to refill your energy for the next workout. But after your second bite you will realize that you are completely full.

While you are still thinking abou it you will allocate some time for your next exercise on the next day even though you just wanted to do the 1500 fat calories training only twice a week.

It has always been this or like this for everyone who was allowed to try the 1500 fat calories training. And it will be like this for you.

I don’t know how you used to exercise until now but the 1500 fat calories training will open entire new dimensions of exercise for you.

If you have been someone who has to pull himself together for his workouts then the 1500 fat calories training will be the breakthrough that will give you the body of your dreams that you have wanted for such a long time.

I can’t change your fate - I can only do my part by offering you this eBook in that I have described in detail how you can trigger this chain-reaction very easily and in no time.

Only a single exercise with it and your fate will completely change.

I don’t know how much money you have spent so far on clothing to look good, but the effect - the aura that you will have after every workout - will make you more attractive than the most expensive designer outfit.

What is the body of your dreams worth to you?!

At the moment, I’m offering "The 1500 fat calories training" in a pre-release special for only $27 and if you are a MAN OF ACTION then you have already made your decision.

I have done my part and now it is up to you to make a decision and to change your fate forever. Simply click on the "Buy now" button below right now to order "The 1500 fat calories training".

Order the 1500 fat-calories training for only $27 now!


NOTE: The eBook is delivered within 24 hours via email.

You will love it!

Best athletic wishes,

Oliver Wolter

PS: If you are still thinking about it then consider the following: There is more than just "happy" hormones that you will emit and there is more than the visible results after every single workout.

It’s a lot simpler:

It’s a lot of fun!

Look: If you are as ambitious as I am then you will probably want to improve and you will never want to stop.

But while it was relatively easy to stay in shape it was a lot harder to improve my shape with growing age.

The solution for me was not stricter exercise but smarter exercise.

Smarter exercise that is just fun.

Smarter exercise that will make you happy and relaxed when you’re coming home.

Smarter exercise that makes you lucky.

Smarter exercise that makes it a side-effect that you are losing a lot of weight.

Smarter exercise that will make you improve your body instead of wearing it out.

Smarter exercise that will improve your life and won’t take your energy that you need for other activities.

Smarter exercise that will make you look forward to your next workout so that you can’t wait for it.

And the endorphin rush training is probably the smartest training that you have ever done and that you will ever do: I PROMISE!



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